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LPT Loves Nail Polish

This is me! Denise, aka LPT (hence the website). And I am passionate about nail polish, makeup and skincare. Also, cats and dancing!

I only sell products that I have tried, or regularly use, myself.

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  • Do you always use the same nail polish?

    Or maybe you don’t wear nail polish at all?

    Let us help you find your perfect polish

  • Do you love nail polish and nail art?

    Looking for something different?

    Have a nosey in the shop

  • Need convincing?

    I test and use everything myself! If I’m not happy with it then I don’t sell it - as simple as that. Take a look at my photos and videos or a peek at the shop

  • Cheeky Question

    Do your makeup and skincare need a pick-me-up too?

    Then we have just the thing...

99 Problems but my nails ain't one!

But if you do have a problem, please don't be shy.

My name is Denise, and I am an actual human being. I don't want you to be unhappy in any way with your purchase

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